It seems that for some reason ScrollFire plugin is not working.

Using official guide I have created a plunker demo. Core javascript is the following:

Materialize.scrollFire({ selector:".whoosh", offset: 10, callback: "alert('fired')"});

It assumes that when scrolling down to image an alert must pop up, but it does not.

Any ideas why?


So, the problem is, according to the documentation options should be an array. So if you do like this:

Materialize.scrollFire([{ selector:".whoosh", offset: 10, callback: "alert('fired')"}]);

It should work fine (notice the brackets [...]). In other words:

var options = [{ selector:".whoosh", offset: 10, callback: "alert('fired')"}];
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    I have just discovered this by myself by looking at the source code where each passed option was iterated in cycle having length equal to options.length. This why I realized that options object must be an array, and noticed this in documentation also. Thank you, anyway! – kaytrance May 14 '15 at 13:17

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