I am using node.js to create a web application. When I run the application (either by opening index.html on the browser or using the command "npm start" on the terminal) I get two errors:

Uncaught ReferenceError: process is not defined

Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined

I solved the "require is not defined" error by specifically including in my index.html head tag the link to this script, where the require function is defined. However, I cannot find something similar for the process function.

My question is doublefold:

  1. Why do built-in node.js modules need to be re-defined? Why are they not recognized as they are, that is "built-in modules"? Doesn't the term "built-in module" mean that a module need not be redefined externaly/second-handedly?

  2. Is there a way to solve this problem? My script is very simple, I am just trying to use a basic function of node.js, so I cannot figure out what errors I might have done.

If anyone has come about this problem and has found a way around it or a reason this happens, you would be of great help.


Node.js code must be run by the node process, not the browser (the code must run in the server).

To run the code, you must run the command:

node server.js

And then you can access your server from a browser by typing "http://localhost:8080", for example. You must have a file server.js (or whatever) with the server code you want (in this case, creating a web server in port 8080).

You can follow this easy example, using express as http server module: http://expressjs.com/starter/hello-world.html

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  • I am using the command "npm start" which refers to the "start" script inside package.json that is set to "start": "http-server -a localhost -p 8000 -c-1", so it basically does this, it runs to a local server I create. Still, I get "process is not defined". So it must be another problem. Thanks though. – Kantharis May 14 '15 at 17:02
  • In scripts/start property I usually have something like: "start": "node server.js", if you have directly a node.js script, the first line must be "#!/usr/bin/env node" or similar. However, try to run directly with node command. Posting the code, could clarify the problem. – greuze May 15 '15 at 11:59

I had same problem when I tried to do this node js app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr9Mtm_TRpw

The require in html was reached from a < script> and was undefined, like

<script> require('./renderer.js');</script>

I changed it to:

<script src="./renderer.js"></script>

The process in html script was also undefined. I included the webPreferences: nodeIntegration in the js file:

win = new BrowserWindow({
    width: 800, 
    icon: __dirname+'/img/sysinfo.png', 
    webPreferences: {
        nodeIntegration: true

I hope it helped.

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  • That's for Electron, while the question states it's a web app. – paddotk May 20 at 14:46

I had the same problem solved it by going into my .eslintrc.js file to configure my globals variables, adding require and process to the globals variable and setting the corresponding value equal to "writable". Hope it works for you.

this link really helped https://eslint.org/docs/user-guide/configuring#specifying-globals

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    Hey Oluwatobi! Welcome to SOF, for future answers, My personal suggestion would be to add some code or explain things be pasting the snippets of code. – iRohitBhatia Jul 12 '19 at 4:08

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