In a Lumen application where I'd actived Facade ($app->withFacades() in app's bootstrap) I could not use URL class in Blase template.

{{ URL::previous() }}

throw a PHP Fatal error: Class 'URL' not found in xxxx/storage/framework/views/8e6123...

I need it for the form cancel button.

What am I missing ? Thanks

Answer: with Lumen the use of app('url') or Illuminate\Support\Facades\URL in Blade template is not enough because the class Laravel\Lumen\Routing\UrlGenerator is pretty stripped with only full(), current(), route() and to() methods. Eg. to get the previous (referer) url we have to use the long way: app('request')->headers->get('referer') or use JavaScript to redirect back

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There's no alias set up for the URL Facade by default. You either have to do that manually by adding this to bootstrap/app.php:

class_alias('Illuminate\Support\Facades\URL', 'URL');

Or you can use app('url'):

{{ app('url')->previous() }}
  • Thanks a lot. The "app('url')" works fine but it has not a previous() method. The class Laravel\Lumen\Routing\UrlGenerator has only methods full(), current(), route() and to(). – Cyrille37 May 14 '15 at 17:14
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    Ah yes. The routing classes in Lumen are pretty stripped down... You could use app('request')->headers->get('referer') or use JavaScript to redirect back. – lukasgeiter May 14 '15 at 17:22

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