I'm looking for a way to include a few additional strings in output .java files generated from antlr. Is there a comprehensive listing of available directives? For example, given parser output like this:

package com.foo.bar; //<-- this can be generated with @header { .... }
//antlr generated
import org.antlr.runtime.*; 

//<-- is there a way to generate anything here?
public class MyParser {

    //<--- or here?
    public void f1(){ ... }


Is there a way to generate strings that appear after the import statements (e.g. class-level annotations) or possibly method annotations?


To the best of my knowledge, you cannot do this. The book doesn't mention anything. Maybe you can ask at the mail list: antlr-interest@antlr.org

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    Correct: the only way to do this is by editing the code-generator template files for the Java target in this case (.stg, if I'm not mistaken). – Bart Kiers Jun 12 '10 at 14:29

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