First of all, there's a similar thread on OpenQNX posted years ago but the solutions don't really apply for me.

Having said that, I want to create an OS image of QNX 6.6.0 to put on a Compact Flash card. This card is plugged in an USB adapter which is connected to my host pc. I'm running Neutrino in a VM (VMware/VirtualBox) for which I enabled USB support. Generally, the adapter works fine under Win (current host) and Linux.

The (apparently out-dated) tutorial I was following stated to search for devices named umass* or hd* after connecting the USB adapter. But there aren't any (except for hd0).

See also "ls /dev" screenshot.

The processes devb-umass and io-usb are running. So I expect that the adapter is detected automatically.

Any suggestions what went wrong?

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OK, it seems that I had to restart the usb driver 'devb-umass' (several times). When the card reader is already plugged-in during the booting the driver will not detect it autoamtically. Thus one has to unplug and plug it in again after the devb-umass was getting re-started. It also might have been that the Host Controller Driver (HCD) was set to 'ohci' instead of 'ehci'. Everything is working now as expected. (Thanks Tim from the OpenQNX forum! ;) )

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