I have to check google response time using chrome devtools network for that purpose I loaded a webpage and opened the network tab to check the response time of certain websites for example for this website

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I there are two time quantities 1st one is the "finish" and the second one is "load" , finish is the i guess the time taken to load the whole page with all the resources including delays , what is this "load"? at first i thought if i add all these time together would add up as "load" but this isn't true , what would be considered the response time of this website, "load" or "finish"?


It seems this 'Finished' time in Chrome devtools includes the asynchronously loading(non blocking) objects/elements on the page which may continue downloading way after the onload event for page has fired.

The response time for a website generally speaking means 'Load' time because that is more easily user perceivable, at this point user can see browser has finished working and page is ready on their screen. Finish time, although technically also a response time doesn't have as much end-user implication.

In some cases it seems the Finish timer never stops and continues increasing so it may not be the best assessment of web page response time.

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    It's not quite right to say that the finish time "doesn't have as much end-user implication". For example the page could have loaded all its elements but show a spinner because it is waiting on data back from request. The page has "loaded" but from the user's view isn't "finished" and is definitely not usable. – totsubo Sep 10 '20 at 14:40

DevTools displays the timing of the DOMContentLoaded and load events in multiple places on the Network panel. The DOMContentLoaded event is colored blue, and the load event is red.


  • He didn't ask about DomContentLoaded, but instead did ask for Finish, which you haven't addressed. – Tobias Feil Jan 18 at 13:07

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