I've already had a look around and i can't seem to find an answer to this, I'm needing my access token to last longer than the 2 hours that it currently does. unless you are able to suggest another method of getting a json result. Thanks

Heres my code

//first define a function
//include two files where rows are loaded
type: 'GET',
crossDomain: true,
dataType: 'json',
url: 'https://graph.facebook.com/v2.3/147733805246675?fields=posts&access_token=CAACEdEose0cBALZA1JuPZCO5MW3WZAX2ERa3RJ7PA5QKawTRGH9Yg0tdv4ENVJeZAqFchh9mNJuHu75gKv6QkHj63ezAZBGUm1OnpHWurJM4Aa0J71hFsCr27ZCSz43IuYs7QoBomtHVJCiex6ZBRZAovNybDf5XhfyaPNt5CHhvAhnoSZAXFO8q8c2na1ndztlp1zY2ftvsc9QVZCboEwdLAQnZA4zejYvM7kZD',
success: function(json) {
    //var json = $.parseJSON(data);
    for (var i = 0; i < json.posts.data.length; i++) {
        var section = json.posts.data[i].message;
        $("#tableid").append("<tr><td style='width:70px'><img id='theImg' src='img/fb.png'/></td><td><b>" + section +
error: function(error) {

The Javascript SDK will handle all token-related logic for you. Why do you want to have a long-lived token in the browser?

You should use the Javascript SDK and the features it provides. The only use-case to generate long-lived tokens yourself is if you want to make API calls from your server.

Since extending and token involves sending over your App Secret, you should not do that in the browser; your app secret should only be on your server.

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