I'm a newbie to Android, and I'm trying to run an existing application.

In the file project.properties I have this line:


While in the manifest file, I have this line:

    android:targetSdkVersion="14" />

Shouldn't these 2 directives refer to the same SDK version?
Is there any error in the app I'm trying to run?


Both of the two are different things. minSDKVersion specifies that the app is supported minimum from which API level. whereas targetSDKVersion mentions that which build-tool API version to be used to build the project. Both could have any value of Android API level but targetSDKVersion should not be less than minSDKVersion. Eclipse also gives error for this.

You might have noticed: when you use library method for old API than minSDKVersion API, It will raise an error asking to change the minSDKVersion. And the targetSDKVersion you are choosing in manifest file, you should have build-tool of that particular API.

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