I want to get the current opened Window object. such as in demo.js


I hope it is output: demo or $.demo (if I don't give Id on this Window) but I got that:

[INFO] [iphone, 8.2,] =====current_window=====
[INFO] [iphone, 8.2,]
[INFO] [iphone, 8.2,]

Any suggestions?


As the documentation says:

This property is only available when using the Titanium.UI.Window.url property to load JavaScript files in their own contexts.

This property has been removed since 3.6.0/4.0.0 and has been deprecated for long.

You are supposed to use CommonJS (require() - not Ti.include()) to organise contexts and keep track of the current open window yourself, depending on how you manage your windows.

  • ok , thank you ! – wind May 18 '15 at 3:18

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