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Recently Google added this annoying pop up to the dev channel.

Someone answered here (Disable developer mode extensions pop up in Chrome) to edit the chrome.dll to get rid of the pop up.

However, the method described there does not seem to work anymore.

Additionally, it would be nice to have a batch script that patches chrome.dll should Google push a new update.

EDIT: Open to new hacks, since wOxxOm stopped maintaining his useful script (the manual method seems to be outdated as well)

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    Chrome now shows this irritating alert every time you open a new incognito session. It wasn't so bad when you only had to dismiss it once when you start the browser, but now it's really getting on my nerves. I think they made this change in version 64, released on 2018-01-24. – Miscreant Jan 27 '18 at 19:57
  • See also ghacks.net/2017/07/04/…. Look like they found a solution – VarunAgw May 5 '18 at 23:23

The patch no longer works on new Chrome builds and thus archived in the snippet below.

Simply use Chrome Canary, which doesn't show the warning.

Or you can patch it manually using HIEW:

  1. exit Chrome fully by pressing CtrlShiftQ and terminating any chrome.exe processes in Windows Task Manager's Processes tab (it's a second tab, not the default tab).
  2. open chrome.dll in hiew
  3. press Enter to switch the view
  4. press F7, paste ExtensionDeveloperModeWarning in the first input field, press Enter
  5. press F3 to enter the edit mode
  6. type 00
  7. press F9 to save
  8. press Left to position the cursor on 00
  9. press F6 to find the reference

    enter image description here

  10. look for cmp eax,3 or cmp eax,2 on the screen and the adjacent few pages up and down

    enter image description here

  11. navigate the cursor using Up and Down to that line's binary code (a column on the left)
  12. press F3 to enter the edit mode
  13. navigate the cursor using Left and Right to 03 or 02 in that line's code
  14. type 09
  15. press F9 to save
  16. Close hiew, otherwise Chrome won't launch.

<# :
@echo off
copy/b "%~f0" "%temp%\%~n0.ps1" >nul
powershell -v 2 -ep bypass -noprofile "%temp%\%~n0.ps1" "'%cd% '" "'%~1'"
del "%temp%\%~n0.ps1"
echo: & pause
exit /b
param([string]$cwd='.', [string]$dll)

function main {
  write-host -f white -b black `
    "Chrome 'developer mode extensions' warning disabler 2017.12.08"
  $pathsDone = @{}
  if ($dll -and (gi -literal $dll)) {
    doPatch "DRAG'n'DROPPED" ((gi -literal $dll).directoryName + '\')
  doPatch 'CURRENT DIRECTORY' ((gi -literal $cwd).fullName + '\')
  ('HKLM', 'HKCU') | %{ $hive = $_
    ('', '\Wow6432Node') | %{
      $key = "${hive}:\SOFTWARE$_\Google\Update\Clients"
      gci -ea silentlycontinue $key -r | gp | ?{ $_.CommandLine } | %{
        $path = $_.CommandLine -replace '"(.+?\\\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+\\).+', '$1'
        if (!$pathsDone[$path.toLower()]) {
          doPatch REGISTRY $path
          $pathsDone[$path.toLower()] = $true

function doPatch([string]$pathLabel, [string]$path) {
  $dll = Join-Path $path chrome.dll
  if (!(Test-Path -literal $dll)) {
  $localAppData = [Environment]::GetFolderPath('LocalApplicationData')
  "$pathLabel $((split-path $dll).Replace($localAppData, '%LocalAppData%'))"

  "`tREADING Chrome.dll..."
  $bin = [IO.BinaryReader][IO.File]::OpenRead($dll)
  $bytes = $bin.ReadBytes(1MB)

  # process PE headers
  $BC = [BitConverter]
  $coff = $BC::ToUInt32($bytes,0x3C) + 4
  $is64 = $BC::ToUInt16($bytes,$coff) -eq 0x8664
  $opthdr = $coff+20
  $codesize = $BC::ToUInt32($bytes,$opthdr+4)
  $imagebase32 = $BC::ToUInt32($bytes,$opthdr+28)

  # patch the flag in data section
  $bin.BaseStream.Position = $codesize
  $data = $BC::ToString($bin.ReadBytes($bin.BaseStream.Length - $codesize))
  $flag = 'ExtensionDeveloperModeWarning'
  $stroffs = $data.IndexOf($BC::ToString($flag[1..99]))
  if ($stroffs -lt 0) {
    write-host -f red "`t$flag not found"
  if ($data.substring($stroffs-3, 2) -eq '00') {
    write-host -f darkgreen "`tALREADY PATCHED"
  $stroffs = $stroffs/3 - 1 + $codesize

  $centbrowser = $data.indexOf($BC::ToString('CentBrowser'[0..99])) -gt 0

  $EA = $ErrorActionPreference
  $ErrorActionPreference = 'silentlyContinue'
  $exe = join-path (split-path $path) chrome.exe
  while ((get-process chrome -module | ?{ $_.FileName -eq $exe })) {
    forEach ($timeout in 15..0) {
      write-host -n -b yellow -f black `
        "`rChrome is running and will be terminated in $timeout sec. "
      write-host -n -b yellow -f darkyellow "Press ENTER to do it now. "
      if ([console]::KeyAvailable) {
        $key = $Host.UI.RawUI.ReadKey("AllowCtrlC,IncludeKeyDown,NoEcho")
        if ($key.virtualKeyCode -eq 13) { break }
        if ($key.virtualKeyCode -eq 27) { write-host; exit }
      sleep 1
    get-process chrome | ?{
      $_.MainWindowHandle.toInt64() -and ($_ | gps -file).FileName -eq $exe
    } | %{
      "`tTrying to exit gracefully..."
      if ($_.CloseMainWindow()) {
        sleep 1
    $killLabelShown = 0
    get-process chrome | ?{
      ($_ | gps -file | select -expand FileName) -eq $exe
    } | %{
      if (!$killLabelShown++) {
        "`tTerminating background chrome processes..."
      stop-process $_ -force
    sleep -milliseconds 200
  $ErrorActionPreference = $EA

  $bytes = [IO.File]::ReadAllBytes($dll)
  $bytes[$stroffs] = 0
  "`tPATCHED $flag flag"

  # patch the channel restriction code for stable/beta
  $rxChannel = '(?!<41-)83-F8-(?:03-7D|02-7F|02-0F-8F)'
  # old code: cmp eax,3; jge ...
  # new code: cmp eax,2; jg ... (jg can be 2-byte)
  function patch64 {
    $patterns = @(
      # 48-8D-15-F3-78-87-00 first flag ref
      # 48-8D-15-A4-78-87-00 second flag ref
    forEach ($pattern in $patterns) {
      $pos = 0
      $rx = [regex]$pattern
      $patternDisplay = $pattern -replace '^(.{40}).+', '$1'
      write-host -n -f darkgray "`tLooking for $patternDisplay"
      do {
        $m = $rx.match($code, $pos)
        write-host -n -f darkgray .
        if (!$m.success) { break }
        $chanpos = $searchBase + $m.groups['ch'].index/3 + 2
        $pos = $m.groups['flag'].index + $m.groups['flag'].length
        $offs = $BC::ToUInt32($bytes, $searchBase + $pos/3+1)
        $diff = $searchBase + $pos/3+5+$offs - $stroffs
        #write-host ("`n{0,16:x}`t{1}" -f ($offs, $diff))
      } until ($diff -ge 0 -and $diff -le 6000 -and $diff % 256 -eq 0)
      #write-host ("{0,16:x}" -f ($searchBase + $pos/3))
      if ($m.success) { break }
      $chanpos = 0
  function patch86 {
    $flagOffs = [uint32]$stroffs + [uint32]$imagebase32
    $flagOffsStr = $BC::ToString($BC::GetBytes($flagOffs))
    #write-host $flagOffsStr
    $variants = "(?<ch>$rxChannel-.{1,300})-(68-(?<flag>`$1-.{6}`$2.{100,200})){2}",
    forEach ($variant in $variants) {
      $pattern = $flagOffsStr -replace '^(..)-.{6}(..)', $variant
      $patternDisplay = $pattern -replace '^(.{40}).+', '$1'
      write-host -f darkgray "`tLooking for $patternDisplay..."
      $minDiff = 65536
      foreach ($m in [regex]::matches($code, $pattern)) {
        $maybeFlagOffs = $BC::toUInt32($bytes, $searchBase + $m.groups['flag'].index/3)
        $diff = [Math]::abs($maybeFlagOffs - $flagOffs)
        #write-host ("`n{0,16:x}`t{1}" -f ($maybeFlagOffs, $diff))
        if ($diff % 256 -eq 0 -and $diff -lt $minDiff) {
          $minDiff = $diff
          $chanpos = $searchBase + $m.groups['ch'].index/3 + 2
  $passes = 3
  foreach ($pass in $passes..1) {
    if ($centbrowser) { break }
    $searchBase = [int]($codesize/$passes * ($pass-1))
    $code = $BC::ToString($bytes, $searchBase, [int]($codesize/$passes) + 2000)
    $chanpos = if ($is64) { patch64 } else { patch86 }
    if ($chanpos) { break }
    $searchBase = 0
  if ($chanpos) {
    #write-host ('{0:x}' -f $chanpos)
    $bytes[$chanpos] = 9
    "`tPATCHED Chrome release channel restriction"
  } elseif (!$centbrowser) {
    write-host -f red "`tUnable to find the channel code, try updating me"
    write-host -f red "`thttp://stackoverflow.com/a/30361260"

  "`tWriting to a temporary dll..."

  "`tBacking up the original dll..."
  move -literal $dll "$dll.bak" -force

  "`tRenaming the temporary dll as the original dll..."
  move -literal "$dll.new" $dll -force

  write-host -f green "`tDONE.`n"

# DevWarningPatch.bat Dec 08, 2017 
**for 32/64-bit Chrome 44.0.2398.0 and newer, stable/beta/dev/canary**

1. Save the code to `DevWarningPatch.bat` somewhere  
  (on the Desktop, for example or in the folder with chrome.dll)
2. Exit Chrome.  
  Or let the script close it including its hidden background processes.
3. Rightclick the batch file and run it as administrator: it will find & patch all applicable chrome.dll  
  Alternatively you can drag'n'drop chrome.dll onto the batch file

**If the pop-up message occurs after running the batch file** try renaming the file `chrome.dll.bak` to `chrome.dll` inside Chrome's application folder, then run the batch file again.

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    Awesome! This "security feature" was killing me trying to develop extensions! – nelsonec87 Aug 5 '16 at 22:36
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    @wOxxOm Chrome seems to undo the actions of this script now, it works once and then Chrome reverts to the notification. – Wolfish Nov 9 '17 at 4:12
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    @wOxxOm Huh... I couldn't find any evidence of updating, but to be on the safe side I denied system access to googleupdate.exe and ran the script again, the script results show that Chrome 61 is already patched. Version is 61.0.3163.100, perhaps the patch is no longer operative? – Wolfish Nov 9 '17 at 21:02
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    @Zorkind, updated. – wOxxOm Nov 22 '17 at 21:08
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    Well, I'm tired of maintaining it. Simply install dev/canary. – wOxxOm Dec 16 '17 at 4:52

I am adding here the official ways to solve this issue and I know they are not optimal, but it makes sense that these solutions are present here.

The first solution and the most complicated one is to create a Google Store Account and go through all the steps to activate it, with it you can upload your extension package and keep it Private, so you can share the link to this package to who will need to install it, this way that message will never show since the extension has been approved by Google team and it's secure.

The second option is to download the Chrome Dev Browser, linked Here, it wont show on the screen that you are downloading the Dev Channel, you have to trust it is happening. This version of the browser works side by side with the official version so you don't have to uninstall or anything, and all settings are separated so it's really like a different browser.

I am using version 64 of it and it solved my problem with the extension.

  • The problem with Chrome Dev is now it has something weird in it that evidently causes it to crash if you are running programs that affect window placement. I run AquaSnap and it tells me it crashed because of that. But the method with a Google Store Account and having a private extension, that's really good to know, I didn't know that, so thank you. – Rob Kwasowski Jul 11 at 10:07
  • Oh that sounds bad @RobKwasowski i always had a good time using Chrome Dev, i guess we are bound to lose that too, when will Google start to work with us instead of against us? :( – Zorkind Jul 12 at 11:48

If you can't use dev/canary builds the easiest way to remove the pop-up is to package your extension and then use group policies to whitelist it, as outlined here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/38011386/991321

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    This will not work if you are on a windows home edition as google desided to ignore the group policies altogether... just one more sip of google love... – Robert Ghafoor Oct 12 '18 at 10:10

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