I'm having a helluva time debugging a python app I've written for an embedded raspberry pi project I'm working on because it's using a TFT screen instead of a full monitor and has no monitor/keyboard, so i'm having to launch the python app via an icon on the TFT desktop (very small). I can't launch the app via SSH because it requires X (due to PyQT4), so to get it running on the RPi, it has to be launched using the desktop icon on the device itself.

The desktop icon launches a shell script that uses the following:

sudo python appname.py >> logfile.log

but that doesn't write whatever error it's hitting, it only logs whatever I'm doing prior to any error.

If I remove the SD card from the RPi and put it into a 2nd RPi I have connected to a full mouse/keyboard/display, I can run the python app and see the error in the terminal, but that doesn't help me figure out what's happening on the fully assembled device.

How do I log the error that I would normally see in the terminal?

EDIT: Of course I'm doing error catching in the app, but I'm sending shell commands in the python app that could be the problem that wouldn't be caught by a try/catch in python. I'd like to catch ALL of the output in the terminal when you launch a python script regardless of it's source.

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As it stands you're just capturing stdout. Modify your invocation to the following:

sudo python appname.py >> logfile.log 2>&1

This will redirect both stdout and stderr.

  • when I add 2>&1, the app wont launch at all and nothing is written
    – jugg1es
    May 19, 2015 at 1:55
  • so it turns out it was because I had Terminal=false set in the icon I'm using to launch. setting it to true made everything work
    – jugg1es
    May 19, 2015 at 2:22

For only error you can use:

sudo python appname.py 2>> logfile.log

For only stdout:

sudo python appname.py >> logfile.log
#same as sudo python appname.py 1>> logfile.log

For both stdout and stderr:

sudo python appname.py >> logfile.log 2>&1

You can also capture stderr to a separate file:

sudo python appname.py >> logfile.log 2>> error.log

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