I have to convert a hexadecimal number to decimal, but don't know how. In the AutoIt documentation (pictured below) some constants (being assigned hexadecimal values) are defined:

a hexadecimal number from AutoIt's documentation

0x00200000 hexadecimal (underlined in image) equals 8192 decimal (this is the true conversion). But convertors return 2097152. I have to convert another hex value (0x00000200), but convertors get it wrong. How to correctly convert it?

When I use the definition $WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE (or a hexadecimal value), it doesn't work. If I use an integer I believe it will work.

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    8192 is 0x2000, the value you have is 2097152 which is the same as the windows WS_VSCROLL constant – Alex K. May 18 '15 at 13:40
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    You have learnt wrong. 0x00200000 is not decimal 8192. You can verify this yourself using Windows Calculator (put it in programmer's mode using the View menu). Check the Hex radio button, type in 200000, and then click the Dec button. When reading hex numbers, you can drop any leading zeros - 0x00200000 is the same as 0x200000, and 0x00000200 is the same as 0x200. – Ken White May 18 '15 at 13:48

As per Documentation - Language Reference - Datatypes:

In AutoIt there is only one datatype called a Variant. A variant can contain numeric or string data and decides how to use the data depending on the situation it is being used in.


ConsoleWrite(0x00200000 & @LF)

demonstrates stated behavior. Use Int() in case of conversion requirement:

#region Hex2Dec
Global Const $dBin1 = 0x00200000
Global Const $iInt1 = Int($dBin1)

ConsoleWrite($iInt1 & @LF)

#region Dec2Hex
Global Const $iInt2 = 8192
Global Const $dBin2 = Hex($iInt2)

ConsoleWrite('0x' & $dBin2 & @LF)

Related functions include:

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