I want to get the planes from a YUV image but the image that is being rendered is red, I thought that is was a problem with the UV planes order but switching UV I get a blue image (I can see the image, but it is blue or red color, depends on the UV order).

I don't know what is happening... Any clue?


I think you are rendering a YUV image via a RGB viewer.

To pass from YUV to RGB, you just need to convert it via some coefficients.


R = Y + 1,13983⋅V
G = Y − 0,39465⋅U − 0,58060⋅V
B = Y + 2,03211⋅U
  • I think the first line is the real problem. If you view the first channel of any image in an RGB viewer, whether it's YUV, Lab*, or whatever, it's going to be displayed as red. – beaker May 18 '15 at 14:26

Looking at the diagram on the wikipage YCbCr it looks like you're missing the Cb (U) channel. Maybe you haven't found the right offset. How is the image subsampled?

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