Well Its been a while that i have had my hands in vb6. I have been declaring variables as

dim a,b,c as integer

But, today, while writing a program consisting of arrays, the declaration

dim ar(10),i,a as integer

yielded a wrong result. Then I changed my declaration to

dim ar(10) as integer,i as integer, a as integer

and the code worked. What is the difference between these two types of declarations?


You made an understandable error, one I have been caught with myself. When declaring variables the comma starts a completely new declaration.


   dim ar(10),i,a as integer

is the same as

   dim ar(10)
   dim i
   dim a as integer

Which as you can see declares 'ar' as an array of variants and 'i' as a single variant.

I avoid using the comma in a dim - it is just too easy for it to go wrong.

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