What's the best way to perform Unit Testing for a RESTful API that includes email functionality (lost passwords, user activation) in Python?

Everything is done via HTTP POST / GET and at this time, authentication isn't involved.

Should I just use the requests library and manually do everything I want? Is it possible to use requests to automate the parts of my Unit Testing that involves email?

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    You should unit tests your handlers without the HTTP overhead first. Everything else is not really a unit test but rather some kind of integration test. – poke May 18 '15 at 19:26
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    if you use http, it's not a unit test. generally, if you test anything else than one single class, in the case of a rest api all the url routing, data handling whatsoever - it's not a unit test. – Henning Apr 10 '16 at 17:25

Often the web framework that you use to implement the REST api will also offer unit testing support. For example:

These test classes are shortcuts which plug the request directly into the framework's Url dispatcher. That saves you the hassle of finding a free port, spawning a "real" server and connecting the http client from your unit test.

As for the e-mail sending: I would mock that part in the TestCase.setUp method. Just change the reference to the e-mail sending module / class to another module/class which loops the outgoing e-mail back to the unit test for evaluation rather than e-mailing.

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