Part of my task is to make a system that simulates dictating and sending a text message using Vocon.

I tried using the <...> aka "garbage" rule like this:

!grammar messageInput;
!start <messageInput>;

<messageInput> : cancel | <...>;

Unfortunately that means I don't get what was said, but rather I get the "<...>" as a result.

How can I make Vocon listen to any speech, but report back to me what was said?

(If the changes need to be done in the C code rather than the speech input grammar, I'm also interested in that)

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    To my dear downvoters: care to explain why you're downvoting? As far as I can see, this is a perfectly valid question, and one for which I am still searching for an answer. I posted what I tried and what the result was. What can I further clarify? – Alejandro Jun 1 '15 at 8:26

I asked Nuance tech support 5 days ago and finally a couple of hours ago, here's what they answered:

What you described (returning any spoken text) is dictation -- not grammar-based speech recognition.

To perform dictation with Vocon Hybrid, you use the server-based or cloud-based service via the NMSP or HTTP interface.

Please search for "dictation" in the Vocon Hybrid 4.8 documentation.

So summarising, it is not possible to do it the way I was intending to; it requires a different mechanism.

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