I recently came across : PageSpeed Insights, it basically test your page speed, spit out a score, and display what cause your page to slow-down.

I enter my url and here is my : result.

enter image description here


I clearly don't have a lot score, but I'm working on improving them.

I got a lot of image optimization problems. I've tried 2 things. __

1.Use ImageOptim Software

I've tried using ImageOptim Mac Software to optimize all my images in my img/ folder.

2.Use grunt imagemin plug-in

On top of that I , I use a build tool to re-compress all my images in my img/ folder, and store the compress one in dist/img/folder.

imagemin: {

    dynamic: {

        options: {
            optimizationLevel: 3,
            svgoPlugins: [{ removeViewBox: false }],
            use: [mozjpeg()]

        files: [{
        expand: true,                         // Enable dynamic expansion
        cwd: 'img',                           // Src matches are relative to this path
        src: ['**/**/**/*.{png,jpg,gif,ico}'],         // Actual patterns to match
        dest: 'dist/img'                      // Destination path prefix

Imagemin Result

Luckily, I got all my 104 images reduce down 4.11MB.

enter image description here

Re-Test Result

But sadly, after re-linking my entire page to new images directory dist/img/. I test my site again with PageSpeed Insights, I still got the same warning image optimization.

enter image description here

How can I can fix/improve this problem ? Is it because I set the optimizationLevel: 3 too low ?

Any approach / idea / strategy / better solution / suggestion ?

Thanks a lot !

  • instead of renaming all img references across your whole website, next time just rename your img folder to "img-src" and make imagemin output them in a new folder "img". Apr 3 '16 at 16:36

I would recommend optimizing your images beforehand using one of these tools:


  • FileOptimizer It uses multiple tools to make your images as small as possible.

JPEG (All Platforms)

PNG (All Platforms)


You could consider using a PageSpeed server module. Those are able to automatically apply image optimization and thereby satisfy PageSpeed Insights recommendations. See https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module and https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module/faq#other-servers for availability.


There is nothing wrong in using imagemin.

The problem is about css based resizing. If the natual img size is 150px and the css is squeezing it inside a 100px box, google wants you to resize the img to 100px.

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