i want to check if jquery plugins are already initialized / included (prevent dublicate resource loading) and if not i want to add the plugin by CDN or by a local source.

Anyone can help me with that Problem?


I'm currently building a custom template in drupal. In that template i'm using a slick slider for scrolling through pictures in a content gallery. I also want to use a custom module for a slideshow, which uses the slick slider too (js, css integrated in the module). So now i want to check if the slick slider of the slideshow module is already initialized, if not i want to load the slick slider js via cdn.

Hope that helps for understanding my problem.

Update 2: Resolved the problem by using php and drupal core functions. I also found a solution with the modernizr.js load function -> asynchronous loading.


You can check and detect the plugin using this

if(jQuery().pluginName) {
    //run plugin

You can try this:

if (!jQuery.fn.plugin) {
  • how will jQuery.getScript work when jquery is not loaded?? – Milind Anantwar May 20 '15 at 15:03
  • @MilindAnantwar the question was about jQuery plugins not about jQuery itself. – jcubic May 20 '15 at 15:05
  • Isn't jquery library is a part of it. – Milind Anantwar May 20 '15 at 15:11
  • Jquery is already loaded, problem is that i want to prevent that plugins are loaded multiple times... – themca May 20 '15 at 15:24

You can check for typeof jQuery. if undefined, load from CDN:

if (typeof jQuery == 'undefined') {
  //load from CDN  


  //load from CDN  

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