I have the node db connection working okay I think:

var marklogic = require('marklogic');
var db = marklogic.createDatabaseClient({ ...

And now I want to do cts.search How do I require cts?


You don't. The cts functions are for running queries within the database. Working with the Node.js Client API, you'll use the query builder. There's an example in the feature introduction, with more detail in the Getting Started tutorial and the Node.js Application Developer's Guide.

You may be mixing up the Node.js Client API with Server-side JavaScript. The former is used to have middle-tier Node.js code interact with MarkLogic. The latter is for writing REST API extensions or transformations that run within the database (and can be called from the Node API).

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    This really clears a few things up. I'm just getting started with the node client API. May 20 '15 at 17:52

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