In Azure, I set up the Windows Server 2012 R2 FTP service properly and have no problems connecting via the standard Windows 7 FTP client when the server-side setting is "Allow SSL". My endpoints are properly defined, etc.

However, when I change the setting to "Require SSL", I am unable to connect. I set endpoints for FTP SSL ports 989 and 990. I have a certificate installed properly (bound to HTTPS port 443). I selected the same certificate for use with FTP.

Note: When the server is set as "Allow SSL", Filezilla connects using TLS successfully. Neither FileZilla nor the Windows 7 FTP client can connect when the server is set as "Require SSL".

I want to require SSL connections when using the Windows 7 FTP client. I do not care about FileZilla (that was just for testing). I cannot find any walk-throughs or examples where the author uses the "Require SSL" setting on an Azure machine.

Suggestions to fix?

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