I installed boilerplate from GitHub theme in my magento project, looks very good, some areas like my account and check section are very professional, but i prefer some little features from rwd project.

enter image description here

now i trying to get the right top section from rwd theme

enter image description here

and this is how i expect to see my new magento project

enter image description here

How shoud i change the right top (account and cart) from boilerplate theme without losing functionality?

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hmm .. You can create a new theme named for example : boiler-rwd-mixed.

The boiler-rwd-mixed theme integrating boilerplate functionnalities (block, layout, etc) and mixed with rwd style (css, layout, etc).

In boiler-rwd-mixed theme, the section to modify seems be in header or top.links area.

For your help you can enable the templates/blocks hints in admin panel.

In System > Configuration > Advanced > Developper > Debug :

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