I want to check javascript codes of a firefox add-on(extension) in visual studio 2013.
I am c# web developer and so i created an empty web application project with c# language and created a new webform(Default.aspx) in that project and put those javascript codes in there.
Here is the example :

  <script type="text/javascript">
      const Cc = Components.classes, Ci = Components.interfaces;
      var clazz = Cc["@mozilla.org/messenger;1"];

But after open Default.aspx in firefox browser i got the error below :

The Components object is deprecated. It will soon be removed.
Cc is undefined.

How can i solve those errors?

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This indicates that your code is not running as an add-on. Instead it is running as a normal "content" web page. In normal content pages, Components is deprecated but not in an add-on.

If you just want to experiment with occasional bits of code you might want to use the browser toolbox to open a scratchpad and stay away from Visual Studio entirely:


Otherwise, you should do some more reading about how to start building an add-on:


And if you want to see an example of an addon being developed in Visual Studio, you could take a look at KeeFox:


The bulk of the code you'd be interested in would be in this folder hierarchy:


Spoiler alert: Don't use .aspx or C# :-)


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