I am working to refactor a dependency on Compass mixins to simply use CSS rules which will be vendor prefixed by autoprefixer as a post process.

So I am going through a large code-base with the need to replace strings such as:

@include border-radius($big-radius);

With something like:

border-radius: $big-radius;

The IDE I am using is PhpStorm, which provides a find/replace regex feature. What should the regex for the case above look like? I'm sure I can adapt that for many other purposes as I continue working on this.


Search for:

@include (.*)\((.*)\);

Replace with:

$1: $2;

The (.*) parts creates groups. the $<number> reference those groups.

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  • Don't forget the ; or remove it from the first search – romuleald May 21 '15 at 15:43

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