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So, I ran my Projects in Eclipse with a Run Configuration that used the JRE 1.8_40, but I update it to 1.8_45 and Eclipse says this:

Unable to locate executable for jre1.8.0_40

Because when I installed the _45 version Java told me If I wanted to clean the system by deleting the old Java Versions, thinking that Eclipse was smart and knew that I update it, but no, now I get that annoying Error.

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  • Go to Windows > Preferences.
  • Locate Java > Installed JREs. (Or simply type JREs in the search box).
  • The screen will show the list of JREs.
  • Click on Add button, locate the new folder on your machine and select.
  • Remove the old JRE from the list.

Window-->Preferences-->Java-->Installed JREs-->Add... - Right click on your project-->Build Path-->Configure Build Path-->Add library-->JRE system library-->next-->WorkSpace Default JRE

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