I created a command line app in node.js which heavily relies on file system module of node (read, update, create new file etc). I write many functions for the same purpose.

Now my question is : 'Can I globally catch the error that occurred due to any function?'

For example:

func1();  // throws some error: Cannot find file , errCode:xyz
func2();  // throws some error: Cannot find file , errCode:xyz

//some global error catcher    
func(catch errCode:xyz){
          console.log("Cannot find file. Make sure file exist and path is correct.");



You can listen to https://nodejs.org/api/process.html#process_event_uncaughtexception

process.on('uncaughtException', function handler(err) {
  // do stuf based on err, but make sure node.js quits after
  // displaying the error and performing basic cleanup - see below

However this is not recommended, and you certainly should not let your application keep running after this since it might be in an unknown state.

You functions should perform a callback with the error first, node-style, and the function that passed the callback should handle the error in the correct way.

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