I have the following branch structure in git:


Now I want to move branch feature-2 into the feature folder.

How do I move branches into folders? Either via SourceTree or the git command line.


SourceTree seems to creates "folders" for branches that have the same folder/structure in their branch names.

You should simply create a new branch called feature/feature-2 pointing at the same commit as your current feature-2 branch. Then push the new branch and delete the old one.

You can name your branches in a folder structure-like format and they appear as folders in SourceTree. For example you could name it as features/issue_1539 and SourceTree will display features as a folder.



You can rename this branch:

git branch -m feature-2 feature/feature-2

You can also create new branch and delete the old one:

git checkout feature-2
git checkout -b feature/feature-2
git branch -d feature-2

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