I wanted to know if theres a way to send a JSON data along with HTTP response code 500. Basically I want my rest client to know that there is some error on the backend and along with it send a JSON error data structure like this.

{"error" : [
          {"code": "1001", "desc": "Some error description"},
          {"code": "1002", "desc": "Some other error description"}

This is using the following java stack = Java 6/JAX-RS/Jersey/Tomcat

If not, then is there a way to send a custom response code along with JSON data. Basically looking from JAX-RS API it looks that you can only send JSON data along with 200 OK??

Any thoughts?? I am guessing RESTEasy would be the same, right??


You simply need to set the HTTP header response to whatever you want before starting to output the actual response using something like setStatus(). Response.status(500)

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