I was playing with ECS service and ended up deleting all services and related clusters. But in ec2 dashboard, as soon as I kill instances like "ECS Instance - EC2ContainerService-default-8f8f5fd5-dbfc-4f81-843a-c028e86a1657" it creates another instance. Do any one have pointers how can I disable this automatic build.


Did you create the instance thru Elastic Beanstalk? Chances are ELB, or an autoscaling policy is interpreting your instance being shutdown as a crash, so its creating a new one to replace it, i.e. doing what it is supposed to do.

Make sure any autoscale policies you have in place are also turned off.


Deregister container instances and delete cluster. Click the "x" of the cluster you want to delete. It will stop creating a new instance automatically. Regards, Thirumal Peesari


It turned out that some autoscale policy is there which is kicking the creation of new vm


For me it was CloudFormation policy that re created terminated instances.


In my case it was the autoscalling policy and as I am pretty new to AWS from GCP it was a bit of a doozy to find.

On the EC2 console page just scroll down on the left to the Auto Scaling or: https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/autoscaling/home?region=us-east-1#AutoScalingGroups:

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