I am using Ajax AsyncFileUpload in asp.net. It is working fine in uploading image but don't know why it is redirecting to same page with some querystring OnUploadComplete. I don't want to reload page. How to solve this ?

My Code is as below:

function uploadComplete() {
    document.getElementById('<%=lblPhotoUpload.ClientID %>').innerHTML = "Quiz Image Uploaded Successfully.";

function uploadError() {
     document.getElementById('<%=lblPhotoUpload.ClientID %>').innerHTML = "File Upload Failed.";
function uploadQuizImageStart() {

<asp:AsyncFileUpload ID="fuPhoto" runat="server" UploadingBackColor="#779ED3" CompleteBackColor="#179406" ThrobberID="imgLoad" OnUploadedComplete="QuizImageUploadComplete" OnClientUploadStarted="uploadQuizImageStart" OnClientUploadComplete="uploadComplete" OnClientUploadError="uploadError" UploaderStyle="Traditional" />
<span id="UploadQuizImageProcess" style="display: none">
<img src="../images/uploading.gif" alt="Upload" /></span>
<asp:Label ID="lblPhotoUpload" runat="server" CssClass="lbler"></asp:Label>

protected void QuizImageUploadComplete(object sender, AsyncFileUploadEventArgs e)
        if (fuPhoto.HasFile)
            string filename = "";
            filename = "quiz" + ".jpg";

            // Save Image

is it not per design in asp.net webforms, that a post goes allways back to the same page ?

In your case it goes then in the QuizImageUploadComplete method. So you could do a response.redirect("someulr.aspx") at the end of this method to get to another page

  • I don't want it to be redirect at any page. I want it there as it is. May 26 '15 at 3:32

The documentation says:

onuploadedcomplete: This is a server side event which will be executed once the uploading is complete. 
  • I'm not facing issues with querystrings. Tested in IE 11 & Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m May 25 '15 at 12:54
  • I have tested it in Latest version of Mozilla and Chrome. May 26 '15 at 3:32
  • I'll try with Mozilla once.you sure in chrome is not working? May 26 '15 at 5:14

I dont think there is any issue with the code which you have pasted here.

As your control has runat="server" so anyways on uploading a file, a postback is bound to occur.

Could you check if there are any issues in your Page_Load .

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