Edit: This question has been marked as a duplicate and then linked to two other questions that do not answer my question. My question is "what is the best approach" and the linked to questions are focused on the @extend sass method and absolutely no explanation of how this relates to my question.

I have a Bootstrap web app that has some components where I can't change the HTML or CSS classes.

This makes things awkward to keep all the styles consistent and centralised so I can update an element style one place it updates everywhere.

I had the idea of trying to use the @extend SASS feature to pull in the bits I wanted from the Bootstrap SASS files.

So for instance if this is generated and I can't modify it:

<a href="#" class="myButton">Here is the button</a>

Then I could do something like this:

@import "bootstrap-sass-3.3.4/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/variables";
@import "bootstrap-sass-3.3.4/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/mixins/buttons";
@import "bootstrap-sass-3.3.4/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/mixins/vendor-prefixes";
@import "bootstrap-sass-3.3.4/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/mixins/tab-focus";
@import "bootstrap-sass-3.3.4/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/mixins/opacity";
@import "bootstrap-sass-3.3.4/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/buttons";

  @extend .btn, .btn-primary;

This generates just under 200 lines (before compression) of additional CSS for ".myButton" class. While it works, I am not sure if this is the best approach as it will be adding a lot of size to my CSS files once I have several things mapped. I guess this is not a big issue once its minified and compressed but it feels bad due to the redundancy.

I thought about using JavaScript to alter the HTML output but I am also not sure that is the right approach either due to javascript diabled browsers.

In my example I am just using my custom style sheet and then using a standard minified version of bootstrap. To achieve what I want should I modify bootstrap core and use my compiled version?

This sounds like a fairly common issue so I assumed someone might have made a class mapper or something already but I couldn't find anything (apart from lots of geographical bootstrap maps).

What approach would you take?

  • Also related: stackoverflow.com/questions/23280226/… – cimmanon May 23 '15 at 16:26
  • @cimmanon I really can't understand what you've done here. You closed question and linked me to 2 questions and I can't see how they answer my question. Neither of those questions pose any solution in a form I can relate to my question. Could you furnish me with at least some small explanation so I can try to join the dots? – Guerrilla May 23 '15 at 17:01
  • The answer is: you can't. Bootstrap is not written in a way that can be used the way you want with the constructs Sass offers. You must modify Bootstrap if you want to be able to use it this way. – cimmanon May 23 '15 at 17:05
  • I can't what? What is it that I cannot do? – Guerrilla May 23 '15 at 17:07
  • I don't think you really read my question. I suggested 3 approaches and asked which approach is best. Your answer was to close the questions and say "you can't". Your response is totally disjointed from my question and unhelpful. – Guerrilla May 23 '15 at 17:15

I can not think of other solution to your problem.. as you've sayed - it's either by using javascript to add .btn to every .myButton as needed or to use @extend.

you could go in middle and use javascript AND include <noscript> tag to import another css file with all the bootstrap @extend's as a workaround.

This way you deliver less code and you don't fill your css with lot of code lines and you can support browser with disabled js.

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