Using R and Shiny, I am using the answer to this question as the basis of my code but will act as a good minimal reproducible example. But I would like my shiny app that uses a navlistPanel to change to the next tabPanel after the done button has been clicked, is this possible?

I think that using the id argument and referencing it using input$id as it mentions on the documentation might work...but do not know how this is done. Any help would be much appreciated.


You need an observer expression connected to the action button. Here is the code to be inserted in the server part of your minimal example:

  if (input$data_upload_done %% 2 == 0 ) {
     updateTabsetPanel(session, "mynavlist", selected = "Data Upload")
  } else {
     updateTabsetPanel(session, "mynavlist", selected = "Data Check")
  • Thanks for your quick answer. Can you please explain why it needs to use x_even? – h.l.m May 26 '15 at 13:15
  • You are right, it is not necessary. I edited it out. – GPierre May 26 '15 at 13:26
  • Is the %% 2 == 0 part of the code designed to so that it can be clicked more than once? – h.l.m May 26 '15 at 13:46
  • It is designed so that the action is triggered when the state value of the button is even. It can be clicked more than once if, for an unknown reason, the action is not properly triggered. – GPierre May 26 '15 at 14:21

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