I want to send a multipart MIME message (custom headers, plain text and HTML) using Camel. I can see in the source code that if I send a javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage in the body of a Camel message to the mail component, it send it without creating a new one. But in order to create a new MimeMessage you need to have at least a javax.mail.Session so you can write MimeMessage msg = new MimeMessage(session). How can I obtain that session in Camel?

If I remember correctly, in Spring Integration the mail outbound channel adapter need a JavaMailSender to do its job and you can ask this JavaMailSender for a new MimeMessage because it have the Session. How I do the same thing with Camel?

Thanks in advance.


You don't need the session.

You can build the text/html message as your body, but then specify a header to hold your plaintext body. Check out the alternativeBodyHeader option in the docs. In this way, Camel will build your multi-part message for you.

  • Ok, I will try this. Thanks. – Ither Jun 1 '15 at 15:28

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