I see functions like this throughout the torch library's C code:

long THTensor_(storageOffset)(const THTensor *self)
  return self->storageOffset;

Is this a preprocessor thing, or something lua specific? The idea, I think has something to do with the fact that storageOffset is a method of sorts on the THTensor "class", but I've never seen this kind of syntax.

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It is a preprocessor macro

#define THTensor_(NAME)   TH_CONCAT_4(TH,Real,Tensor_,NAME)

which leads to...

#define TH_CONCAT_4(x,y,z,w) TH_CONCAT_4_EXPAND(x,y,z,w)

and finally...

#define TH_CONCAT_4_EXPAND(x,y,z,w) x ## y ## z ## w


long THTensor_(storageOffset)(const THTensor *self)

ultimately becomes this:

long THRealTensor_storageOffset(const THTensor *self)

Aren't preprocessors just grand ?

  • Haha wow. I figured it was something along those lines... – jjm May 26 '15 at 18:13

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