I am using a unicode escape in my .sass file and I want to preserve it, but sass is creating a weird character in the output. How to solve this?

I'm using a Mac and Sass version 3.4.13.

mborkent@MacBook-Pro-van-Michiel /tmp $ cat new.sass
    content: "\e601"
mborkent@MacBook-Pro-van-Michiel /tmp $ sass new.sass new.css
mborkent@MacBook-Pro-van-Michiel /tmp $ cat new.css
@charset "UTF-8";
.icon-ok:before {
  content: ""; }

/*# sourceMappingURL=new.css.map */

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It is known issue. There is a workaround, which can be found in the @tjbenton post on github:

@charset "UTF-8"

@function unicode($str)
  @return unquote("\"")+unquote(str-insert($str, "\\", 1))+unquote("\"")

    content: unicode("e601")


.icon-ok:before {
  content: "\e601";

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