I'm getting started with Grails (3.x) Framework but I got stuck with this error while trying to render domain content to a view:

Error 500: Internal Server Error
URI /hello/index
Class javax.servlet.ServletException
Message: Could not resolve view with name 'index' in servlet with name 'grailsDispatcherServlet'


package helloworld   
class HelloController {

    def index() {
        def Person persona1 = new Person(firstName: "someone", lastName: "stuck", age: 21)


package helloworld

class Person {
    String firstName
    String lastName
    int age
  • you should be able to run something like grails generate-views .. to generate the views.
    – krock
    Commented May 25, 2015 at 1:06

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Make sure that grails-app/views/hello/index.gsp file exists.

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    This is not the proper solution. Its problem related redirect of file regarding view and model.
    – Syed Sarek
    Commented Sep 14, 2019 at 9:24

I know that this has an answer, but I thought I'd chime in that I am using Grails 3.0.11 and I found that somethings code like the following will work

render(view: 'index', model: [data: value])

Where as the following will fail with the error above.

def index() {

If I have time, I will poke around more with this and attempt to understand what's going on.

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    This worked for me with gson views. Does anyone know why just returning the model map doesn't work? Commented Feb 10, 2016 at 17:36

if you're using GNU/Linux, check the folder name, files, etc. for case inconsistency.

grails-app/views/hello/index.gsp <-- Not the same

GNU/Linux is case sensitive.


grails generate-views - generates GSP views for the given domain class

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