I would like to use emacs' org-mode to write blog posts for my Jekyll-driven blog. Reading Using org to Blog with Jekyll, what is normally done is to put your front matter in an #+BEGIN_HTML / #+END_HTML block which passes the front matter through untouched.

However, using org-edit-special (C-c '), you end up with html-mode in the special edit buffer. Switching to yaml-mode doesn't work, because you can't go back from the special edit mode.

Is there some way to be able to edit this front matter in yaml-mode without resorting to things like changing the whole buffer to yaml-mode then back to org-mode ?

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Here's what I came up with:

Creating a babel execute function for yaml:

(defun org-babel-execute:yaml (body params) body)

Then I can do what I'd like:

#+STARTUP: showall expand
#+options: toc:nil
#+begin_src yaml :exports results :results value html
  layout: post
  title: test post with yaml source block frontmatter
    path: abc123
      - blah.png
      - bloo.png

* hello world

And this produces exactly what I want in the markdown file when I export it.


You can make a custom command where html is associated with yaml-mode.

(defun org-edit-html-export-block-as-yaml ()
  (let ((org-src-lang-modes '(("html" . yaml))))

(define-key org-mode-map YOUR-KEY 'org-edit-html-export-block-as-yaml)

I've tested this (with the developmental version of Org mode) on

key: 3

and it seems to work fine.

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