i try to get results from table with multiple where and/or clauses.

My SQL statement is:

WHERE m__Id = 46
t_Id = 2
(Cab = 2 OR Cab = 4)

How i can get this with Laravel Eloquent?

My Code in Laravel is:

$BType = CabRes::where('m_Id', '=', '46')
                        ->where('t_Id', '=', '2')
                        ->where('Cab', '2')
                        ->orWhere('Cab', '=', '4')

Using advanced wheres:

CabRes::where('m__Id', 46)
      ->where('t_Id', 2)
      ->where(function($q) {
          $q->where('Cab', 2)
            ->orWhere('Cab', 4);

Or, even better, using whereIn():

CabRes::where('m__Id', 46)
      ->where('t_Id', 2)
      ->whereIn('Cab', $cabIds)
  • Thank You this is working :) But how i can get this with a array for cab if my array likes: arrCab[2,4,6] – Crni May 25 '15 at 8:35
  • Why is it better, and where does the variable $cabIds come from? – raarts Mar 16 '17 at 14:29
  • the second option is the best one – Arun Yokesh May 15 '17 at 11:10
  • may I ask you to have a look at a Laravel table join related question here : stackoverflow.com/questions/52149031/…? – Istiaque Ahmed Sep 3 '18 at 14:35

Also, if you have a variable,

CabRes::where('m_Id', 46)
      ->where('t_Id', 2)
      ->where(function($q) use ($variable){
          $q->where('Cab', 2)
            ->orWhere('Cab', $variable);
  • Can you link where you got the 'use'?I didn't find it in my research. – natghi Oct 26 '20 at 13:21

When we use multiple and (where) condition with last (where + or where) the where condition fails most of the time. for that we can use the nested where function with parameters passing in that.

$feedsql = DB::table('feeds as t1')
                   ->leftjoin('groups as t2', 't1.groups_id', '=', 't2.id')
                    ->where('t2.status', 1)
                    ->whereRaw("t1.published_on <= NOW()") 
                    >whereIn('t1.groupid', $group_ids)
                   ->where(function($q)use ($userid) {
                            $q->where('t2.contact_users_id', $userid)
                            ->orWhere('t1.users_id', $userid);
                  ->orderBy('t1.published_on', 'desc')->get();

The above query validate all where condition then finally checks where t2.status=1 and (where t2.contact_users_id='$userid' or where t1.users_id='$userid')


You can try to use the following code instead:

 $pro= model_name::where('col_name', '=', 'value')->get();

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