I would like to git log --follow file.ext but showing all commits, including merges.

Tried no-max-parents, but not helping.


The -m will do the trick for you, log -m is for get into the merges.

git log -m --oneline --full-history --follow file.ext

This should follow the file in the Merges [-m].

And i assume you was aiming to use --min-parents=2 instead of no-max-parents. The --min-parents=2 is the same as --merged since it will return the commit with more then one parent.

You can always add some extra flags to display the results in a more friendly way:
git log -m --name-only --oneline --follow file.ext. It will display the results with the SHA-1 of the commits as well with the message

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    For me, -m adds a lot more merges than would be "natural". For example, git log file.ext shows 10 normal commits and 2 merge commits for me, git log --follow -m file.ext lists 10 normal commits and 30 (!!) merge commits. Jun 11 '19 at 20:01
  • @BorekBernard I find the documentation a bit unclear, but it sounds like the option --simplify-merges may be meant to help this: "Additional option to --full-history to remove some needless merges from the resulting history, as there are no selected commits contributing to this merge." Aug 9 '19 at 20:03

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