How to get mDNS names (test.local) resolve to ip address in Android Chrome browser at address bar ?

In windows after installing Bonjour service it works in Chrome browser. Is there similar service which can be activated in Android.

mDNS resolution is possible in Android app like (zeroConfig). I read it is possible to write an app using NSD service. But this support does not seem to be present in Chrome browser of Android.

I am developing an Iot (Internet of Things) web application and mDNS service will make my work and others like me much easier.


Check out the answers here: https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/49188/how-to-get-mdns-working-for-chrome-on-android

natevw's answer:

I don't think so.

The system DNS resolver in Apple's platforms has in-built support for mDNS, so that pretty much any app eventually winds up using the core getaddrinfo function and supporting mDNS in URLs and hostnames and whatnot.

On Android and other platforms, even if there is a Multicast DNS daemon running and libraries available for using it, "typical" DNS lookups do not. So while recent Android releases do give developers some mDNS features as part of the platform, most do not go out of their way (as they would need to do) to use them.

It's a bummer, but AFAIK there's nothing short of rolling your own custom Android build (or convincing Google to change it) that could really solve this.

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