Is there a way that I use MASM under Linux. Even tough NASM is quite popular under Linux, it still differs for some instruction style on code.


Wiki says

The MASM32 EULA does not allow its usage in the development of open source software, and only allows it to be run in Windows operating systems.

so it is a no.

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    Sounds like an old kind of EULA. Not many Microsoft products have such aggressive license agreements nowadays. – JesperE Nov 20 '08 at 7:40
  • Also, using MASM32 on Linux does not automatically imply that open source software is developed. – JesperE Nov 20 '08 at 7:40
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    If the EULA still says "only allows it to be run in Windows operating systems" then it doesn't matter whether or not using it on Linux automatically implies that open source software is being developed. – Windows programmer Nov 20 '08 at 7:45
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    well, you can run windows in a VM on linux, so that you don't violate their EULA ;-) – none Jun 8 '09 at 23:02
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    Could you link this quote to its source? It's rather dubious and is no longer on the wiki. – ivan_pozdeev Jan 23 '17 at 0:57

I use DosBox and it does work fine for me.

Details here

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  • @PeterO. It looks like that is exactly what has happened. – DaveTheMinion Apr 25 '16 at 23:51

You should be able to run MASM under Wine.


MASM dont run with WINE, im running MASM under Virtual Box


Personally I prefer the NASM style, but you can probably run MASM under Wine (or failing that, in a VM). After all it shouldn't need any exotic API calls.

I've been able to run the Win32 NASM binary under Wine on Linux without any problems [long story, no net connection].

If you want to convert Microsoft's OMF binary format to ELF then you should be able to do so using objcopy, but you may need to compile in support for the right object formats.


Run MASM under Wine or see at the wiki that MASM can only run at Windows.


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