The problem is pg_stat_activity getting filled with SET extra_float_digits = 3 query, causing Error calling Driver#connect when number of rows reaches the max_connections limit (100 in my case). I tried uncommenting the #extra_float_digits = 3 line in postgresql.conf file, but that didn't work. I read something about setting this property in pgbouncer ignore_startup_parameters = extra_float_digits, but I don't know what pgbouncer is and how to install/configure it - it seems a bit too complicated. I also tried setting this connection parameter in hibernate.cfg.xml file: <property name="assumeMinServerVersion">9.0</property>, but that didn't work either.

Is there any way that you guys know of which can solve this issue without increasing the connection limit and without using pgbouncer maybe? Thanks.


I search for hour about this problem and did not found any mention of assumeMinServerVersion configuration directly inside the hibernate.cfg.xml.

I not sure that it is possible.

The only way I found to solve this problem of SET extra_float_digits = 3 that is killing my connections is applying the assumeMinServerVersion directly into the JDBC connection URI, like this:

String url = “jdbc:postgresql://localhost/test?user=myuser&password=mypass&assumeMinServerVersion=9.0”;

Which are indicated here, here and here.

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