What if I have URL like: servlet.jsp?myparam=myvalue

These 2 ELs should return output "myvalue" , but I actually don't understand why?:


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Where did you get this information from? This won't work in standard JSP 2.1 EL. The correct syntax would be:


In the first example, singlequotes are also allowed and actually more preferred.


It can even be another EL variable in any scope:


Actually, the ${param} refers to a Map<String, String> with only the first param value from the array. In theory, if it was a Map<String, String[]> and the Map class had a getValues() method, then your syntax should work. But it doesn't have, it only has a values() method. Your best bet would then be using ${paramValues} instead which refers to a Map<String, String[]>:


or accessing the HttpServletRequest#getParameterMap() directly:

  • Thanks for the answer. I thought so. This is actually one "correct" answer from uCertify prepEngine software for SCWCD. I just wanted to be sure and hear some opinions.
    – matus
    Jun 16, 2010 at 13:14

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