I need to know how to load a video file using emgucv in C#. I just need some guidance. I also need some guidance on how to use the emgucv API(I have one documentation which came with the installation), so I dont have to keep asking questions when I can find it already in the API(NOTE: For instance, I went through a video on you tube to learn how to use the java API and now pretty comfortable using it, could not find one for emgucv). For example, I find methods for different things but I have no clue to apply them in code.

Perhaps a method and how to use it might be helpful.

Thanks so much


Assuming you've imported the Emgu DLLs correctly, load your video file using

Capture capture = new Capture("filename");

Then you can grab frames from it using

Image<Bgr, byte> img = capture.QueryFrame();

You can view the image with the ImageViewer-class:

ImageViewer viewer = new ImageViewer();
viewer.Image = img;

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