I have an issue with TCPDF Image inserting.

enter image description here

Here's the code i'm using :

$this->Image($this->data['logo'], PDF_MARGIN_LEFT, 5, 60, 20, '', '', 'M', true);

I've set the resize at true, but the TCPDF library do not respect image ratio.

How can I force preserving image ratio ?

For information I'm using TCPDF 6.2.8 (2015-04-29).

Thanks for your support, David.

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Here's the solution I found :

    if ('' != $this->data['logo'] && is_file($this->data['logo'])) {
        // select only one constraint : height or width. 60x20 image emplacement => ratio = 3 (60/20)
        list($image_w, $image_h) = getimagesize($this->data['logo']);
        if (3 > $image_w / $image_h) list($w, $h) = array(0, 20);
        else list($w, $h) = array(60, 0);

        $this->Image($this->data['logo'], PDF_MARGIN_LEFT, 5, $w, $h, '', '', 'M');

I've found the image emplacement ratio (60/20=3), I compared it to the image ratio and I choose between set the width or the heigh.

Thanks to JamesG to help me to find my solution.



If you want to preserve the image's aspect ratio, just set either the width parameter or the height parameter to zero.

In your example I can see that you've set the width to 60 and the height to 20. Try setting the width to 0 and leaving the height at 20 - I think you will get a good result. And you can probably leave off the resize parameter too.

  • Hi James, I have to specify both. Because some images are larger in width and other larger in height.
    – David
    Commented May 27, 2015 at 8:10
  • Hi david am working with same problem, But am not able to understand your code how you are determining whether a height to be set for an image or the width can you please explain that part It would be more helpful Commented May 28, 2020 at 6:35

I built on David’s answer to create a function. Pass it the width, the height, and the path to the image. It reads the image size and then sets either $w or $h to zero, as appropriate. It’s exactly the same idea as David’s code, but his hardcodes the specific image ratio for his purposes, while this version is more generic.

function imageBox($file, $w, $h)
    if (!$w or !$h) {
        // If the input has set one of these to zero, it should be calling TCPDF
        // image directly.
        throw new Exception('You must provide a value for both width and height');
    // First, we grab the width and height of the image.
    list($image_w, $image_h) = getimagesize($file);

    // Constrain the image to be within a certain boundary by doing maths.
    if (($w / $h) > ($image_w / $image_h)) {
        $w = 0;
    } else {
        $h = 0;

    return array($w, $h);

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