I would like to make two database operation in one transaction. Those two operations are

  1. Do one insert operation.
  2. Create one user (using membership - sql membership provider)

I tried TransactionScope but it went to distributed transaction at that line: -- Membership.CreateUser("test", "password", "[email protected]");

How can I do this with lightweight transaction since I have only DB?

Thanks in advance.

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The current implementation of TransactionScope will only use a lightweight transaction if you use a single database connection. So it is not possible to achieve this in your scenario.


I have a similar problem. My resolution is (I'm still not sure its going to work) to download the ASP.Net Membership Provider code and rebuild it, hijacking the SqlConnectionHolder class.


I was looking for this topic and I think I have found an answer. It only applies to SQLServer 2008. It does not require changes to System.Transactions namespace or our Application code. It's interesting. ;)


Hope this helps!

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    Providing more information about the solution then just a link will make your answer more helpful.
    – this.josh
    Commented May 10, 2011 at 22:52

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