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I have check-in column and check-out column in my mysql table. I am posting this dates with UI-Datepicker.

eg: I am trying to block the dates in the datepicker. I have dates like this in database

check in = 2015-06-15

check out = 2015-06-20

Now i want to get dates like this

2015-06-15, 2015-06-16, 2015-06-17, 2015-06-18, 2015-06-19, 2015-06-20

How to get dates like above I mentioned. So please help me and resolve my problem.

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$date_from = strtotime("10 September 2000");
$date_to = strtotime("15 September 2000");

function list_days($date_from,$date_to){
    $arr_days = array();
    $day_passed = ($date_to - $date_from); //seconds
    $day_passed = ($day_passed/86400); //days

    $counter = 1;
    $day_to_display = $date_from;
    while($counter < $day_passed){
        $day_to_display += 86400;
        //echo date("F j, Y \n", $day_to_display);
        $arr_days[] = date('o-m-d',$day_to_display);

    return $arr_days;

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  • Thanks you so much @ram obrero. I made some changes its working fine. – saravana May 28 '15 at 7:44

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