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So basically I have a list of colours and I want to change the border colour of a list in the html depending on how deep it is in the DOM.

This is the SASS that I have at the moment:


.list {
    .list {
        .list {
            .list {

Which generates this css:

.list { border-color: green; }
.list .list { border-color: red; }
.list .list .list { border-color: blue; }
.list .list .list .list { border-color: orange; }

What I want to do be able to do is generate the .list rules based on the number of colours I have in the $colors variable rather than doing it manually. I can't figure out how though.

I know it's going to have an @each or @for loop in there but I can't figure out the syntax to make it work. I'm not sure if it's even possible.

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Since the question was marked as a duplicate I can't post this as an actual answer, so this will have to do. Thanks Hidden Hobbes for your answer. That gave me an idea of how the syntax should work. You had a redundant @each in your answer though so I've written this instead (I'll accept yours though since your answer gave me the inspiration)

$colors: green red blue orange;

$class: '.list';
$selector: $class;

@for $i from 1 through length($colors) {
    $color: nth($colors,$i);
    #{$selector} {
        border-color: $color;
    $selector: $selector $class;

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The following SASS code should get you the result you are after. The @each statement will loop through each colour. The @for loop is based upon the index of the colour in the list and will append the correct number of .list to the selector.

$colors: green red blue orange;

@each $color in $colors {
    $i: index($colors, $color);
    @for $c from 1 through $i {
        @if $c == 1 {
            $selector: '.list';
        } @else {
            $selector: $selector '.list';
    #{$selector} {
        border-color: #{$color};

SASS Meister: http://sassmeister.com/gist/106687cca4d2a8ce5fc4

  • Glad I could help. Your answer is certainly a lot neater than my suggestion! – Hidden Hobbes May 29 '15 at 6:09

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