I am new to javascript trying out cordova which heavily makes use of the module require(). I went through some tutorials for this like here . I tried out a very simple example from this tutorial and there is something missing it seems.

This is my html code.

 var abc = require("js/greeting.js");
        function mod() {
                var g =  abc.sayHelloInEnglish();
            console.log("reached the call");
            document.getElementById("modl").innerHTML = g;
                console.log("error is" + err.message);
    <button onclick="mod()">click</button>

This is the code for my greeting.js

  //var exports = module.exports = {};
exports.sayHelloInEnglish = function() {
    return "HELLO";

exports.sayHelloInSpanish = function() {
    return "Hola";

When I click on the button click, it gives an error that abc is not defined. Is there something I am missing here to use the module? Thanks a lot.

  • Looks like you're using a node js example (server side) in the browser (client side). If you want to use 'require' in the browser you'll need something like RequireJS. This may be a better place to start: requirejs.org/docs/start.html – stakolee May 28 '15 at 14:30
  • Thank you very much! I will look into that tutorial. You are right. I had mixed up the server side js with the client side. – Ankur Bhatia May 28 '15 at 14:41

Actually module.require is not for browser. You can't use it like you do right inside script-tag. The require is for node.js (server-side javascript).

If you want to use it inside a browser you should use preprocessing. For example you can use browserify.

To learn more - great 3 min video CommonJS modules

  • Thank you very much for the help. :) – Ankur Bhatia May 28 '15 at 14:39

You cannot use require/module.exports natively in the browser. It is built into Node.js/io.js and can be run on the server.

If you want to use require()/CommonJS modules in the browser, look at RequireJS.

If you want to run Node/io.js code in the browser in general (including but not limited to require()/CommonJS), look at Browserify or webpack.

Since you say you are using cordova, my guess is that you don't really need require() at all. Just write your HTML/CSS/JavaScript like you would normally and use cordova to package it up. cordova uses require() a lot but that should not affect your app's code.


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