I am making a Python web-crawler program to play The Wiki game.

If you're unfamiliar with this game:

  1. Start from some article on Wikipedia
  2. Pick a goal article
  3. Try to get to the goal article from the start article just by clicking wiki/ links

My process for doing this is:

  1. Take a start article and a goal article as input
  2. Get a list of articles that link to the goal article
  3. Preform a breadth-first search on the links found avoiding pages that have already been visited starting from the start article
  4. Check if the goal article is on the current page: If it is, then return the path_crawler_took+goal_article
  5. Check if any of the articles that link to the goal are on the current page. If one of them is, return path_crawler_took+intermediate_article+goal

I was having a problem where the program would return a path, but the path wouldn't really link to the goal.

def get_all_links(source):
    source = source[:source.find('Edit section: References')]
    source = source[:source.find('id="See_also"')]
    return list(set(['http://en.wikipedia.org'+link for link in links if is_good(link) and link]))

links_to_goal = get_all_links(goal)

I realized that I was getting the links to the goal by scraping all of the links off of the goal page, but wiki/ links are unidirectional: Just because the goal links to a page doesn't mean that page links to the goal.

How can I get a list of articles that link to the goal?


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Wikipedia has a built in tool that does just what you are describing WhatLinksHere/Backlink.

You can see this tool on every Wikipedia page. Example

You can simply scrape all of the links off the page of goal's the back-links page.

                                                                                          Article you are trying to reach here

Wiki-help page for WhatLinksHere

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