I am returning an array of bytes from a web api method that sets content-type as 'application/octet-stream. This array of bytes is for a pdf file. I am using angularjs.

Question : What will be the data value for href in code below for this case? I have set its as attachment/pdf which is not working.

 return reportsDataService.getMyData()
                    .then(function (data) {
                        var element = angular.element('<a/>');
                            href: 'data:attachment/pdf,' + url,
                            target: '_blank',
                            download: 'myreport.pdf'
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Per Blob documentation, you can code as below

var blob = new Blob([typedArray], {type: 'application/octet-binary'});
$scope.url= URL.createObjectURL(blob);

Then in your view

<a download="content.txt" ng-href="{{ url }}">download</a>

Last but not least, you should configure the compileProvider to enable the url

function ($compileProvider) {

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